Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone

Gosh it's almost been a month since i've posted. Goes to show how busy i've been.
It's been a hectic few weeks but it's also been a lot of fun for the kids. We've had so much happening and I can't believe the big fat man in the red suit comes in 4 more sleeps. The kids are super excited. They're old enough to appreciate Christmas this year, although not old enough to appreciate the meaning of Christmas. All they care about is the presents, food and chocolate. And the fact that Mum is actually letting them eat naughty things and stay up later than normal.

Just a quick update of some photos from the past few weeks.

We spent a lovely morning at the Carrara markets and the kids had a blast. Cooper has always wanted to go on one of those bungee tramps so I finally gave in and Blake was in his element with all the baby animals.

The wreath I made, well half made. I bought a basic wreath and added the berries and baubles. It was my attempt at trying to be artistic, massive fail.

The cookies in a jar that I made for the kids kindy teachers

The boys had a wonderful time at their kindy xmas party. Check out Santa, that's actually my Dad. Cooper realised straight away and we spent most of the time gagging him as he was telling everyone 'that Santa is my Pappy'

Nanna and the boys

Cooper's crafty creations. He made this gorgeous butterfly to hang on the tree as well as an angel made out of pasta, so adorable.

And the boys all ready and excited for their kindy Christmas concert.

Sorry for the photo heavy post but that's just a quick catch up on everything we've been doing these last few weeks. My stress levels have been at a maximum high but i'm actually quite organised this year. Every present is wrapped and I haven't left anything to the last minute. I just hope my boys are able to appreciate some of the meaning of Christmas this year. Hmmm well maybe next year when they're a little older.

I read this yesterday and I really like it and wanted to share.

“Love is what you hear on Christmas morning,
When you stop opening presents and listen.” anon

So from the boys and I, I wish you all a wonderful and safe Christmas and here's to a terrific 2011. It better bloody be because this year was not the nicest.

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