Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone

Gosh it's almost been a month since i've posted. Goes to show how busy i've been.
It's been a hectic few weeks but it's also been a lot of fun for the kids. We've had so much happening and I can't believe the big fat man in the red suit comes in 4 more sleeps. The kids are super excited. They're old enough to appreciate Christmas this year, although not old enough to appreciate the meaning of Christmas. All they care about is the presents, food and chocolate. And the fact that Mum is actually letting them eat naughty things and stay up later than normal.

Just a quick update of some photos from the past few weeks.

We spent a lovely morning at the Carrara markets and the kids had a blast. Cooper has always wanted to go on one of those bungee tramps so I finally gave in and Blake was in his element with all the baby animals.

The wreath I made, well half made. I bought a basic wreath and added the berries and baubles. It was my attempt at trying to be artistic, massive fail.

The cookies in a jar that I made for the kids kindy teachers

The boys had a wonderful time at their kindy xmas party. Check out Santa, that's actually my Dad. Cooper realised straight away and we spent most of the time gagging him as he was telling everyone 'that Santa is my Pappy'

Nanna and the boys

Cooper's crafty creations. He made this gorgeous butterfly to hang on the tree as well as an angel made out of pasta, so adorable.

And the boys all ready and excited for their kindy Christmas concert.

Sorry for the photo heavy post but that's just a quick catch up on everything we've been doing these last few weeks. My stress levels have been at a maximum high but i'm actually quite organised this year. Every present is wrapped and I haven't left anything to the last minute. I just hope my boys are able to appreciate some of the meaning of Christmas this year. Hmmm well maybe next year when they're a little older.

I read this yesterday and I really like it and wanted to share.

“Love is what you hear on Christmas morning,
When you stop opening presents and listen.” anon

So from the boys and I, I wish you all a wonderful and safe Christmas and here's to a terrific 2011. It better bloody be because this year was not the nicest.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silly Season

Yes it's that time of year already and the craziness has already began. We have the busiest few weeks coming up with kids birthday parties, kindy xmas parties, kindy xmas concerts, work xmas parties, social xmas drinks, street parties and of course all the festivities that comes with Christmas like carols by candlelight and taking the kids to see Santa and all the street xmas light displays. No wonder they call it the silly season. And then of course this year is even busier with Cooper starting school next year. So we have books, uniforms, shoes and school bags to buy and organise. My head is spinning just thinking about how busy December and January are going to be.

I have already ticked one box. We have already done the Santa photo. I was a little worried about Blake because this is what last years Santa photo looked like.

So we've been slowly encouraging him the last week or so about visiting Santa and how he has to give him a big cuddle and ask him what he'd like for Christmas. And it must have worked because he didn't cry. Although he was very hesitant to begin with and just wanted to wave from a distance he came around and we actually got a really nice shot of both boys sitting on Santa's knee.

Today's task is to get out all of the Christmas decorations because Cooper has been nagging me to set up the tree ever since our neighbours decorated their house with Christmas lights on the weekend.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My 30th, sneak peak

My party on Saturday night was fantastic, although I think it's taken me all week to recover. I'm still exhausted and a little seady 5 days later.

Here are a few snap shots of the evening. Hopefully i'll have some more photos back to share soon. This one I took before I left home knowing that it may be the only nice photo of me all night once the drinks started rolling in. I was right!

My Mum made the delicious cake and my girlfriend Renee posted over the gorgeous decorations all the way from Perth, WA.

It was really nice to be surrounded by my family and closest friends. But there were a few people who weren't there who I missed terribly. I love this photo of my Dad and I dancing. He was a real hit on the dance floor with the girls.

So does 30 feel any different, no not at all. In fact I feel even more alive than ever and ready to conquer the rest of my life, my way!!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Dirty 30

One year older, none the wiser ? Well I don't think so anyway.

Can't stay long. Just wanted to say..........

The big 30. Having a lovely family dinner tonight at my parents place and then the big party is tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to celebrating with my closest friends and family.

Will update the blog on Monday with all the party pics.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Melbourne Cup day with the girls

Spring Carnival is always such a fun time of year but I haven't been that interested over the last 5 years because i've either been pregnant, breastfeeding or just couldn't get the motivation to find a babysitter and get glamed up for the day. But this year I found it. I had the dress, the fascinator and great company so we decided to tackle Melbourne Cup day. We ended up booking the same place i'm having my 30th in a couple of weeks. It's such a great venue with wonderful atmosphere and always a great band playing. Plus Timm who's the chef there can cook a mean meal. We had champagne and hor dourves on arrival and then sat down to an amazing 3 course meal with lots of bubbly champagne to follow. We had a blast. We danced the afternoon away despite the uncomfortable shoes. And I even put a bet on. I'm not a gambling person, in fact it's very rare that i'll gamble because it just doesn't interest me.

Although I definitely regretted all that champagne on Wednesday morning, ouch!! I had such a great day and can't wait until next year. I think we might have started a tradition here.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Self Portrait Sunday

OK so yes I just made that up, is there such a thing as "Self Portrait Sunday" ?

Well if there isn't maybe i've started something.

I normally hate most photos of me. I'm really self concious of getting my photo taken because i'm just not a photogenic person. Unlike my best friend who would look good in a potato sack getting her photo taken. Yes she's a bitch.

I took this self portrait last night before heading out to dinner for my brother in law's birthday and well i'm quite happy with it. Which I assure you is very rare.

Are you brave enough to post a Self Portrait for Sunday ?

Disclaimer: Please ignore the washing basket filled with clothes in the background. Maybe I should spend less time taking photos of myself and more time folding washing.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning at the beach

Spring was definitely in the air today here on the coast.

The weather was just perfect so I thought a morning at the beach was in order. My boys adore the beach which is great because I love it. I was brought up around water and to this day there is something about being near water than calms me. I feel at peace near the beach.

So I packed a picnic lunch, lots of water, towels, hats & sunscreen and we headed down to Burleigh. My sister in law and nephew Jasper met us down there and the boys had a ball. Of course silly me didn't think to re-apply sunscreen on myself so i'm now sporting a rather redish glow. Not good to get ugly strap marks the week before i'm wearing a strapless dress for Melbourne Cup lunch. Let alone the one shoulder number i'll be wearing for my 30th in a couple of weeks. Oh well, live and learn I guess. Although I never do tend to learn when it comes to getting myself burnt. Of course the boys were lathered in sunscreen and didn't get burnt at all.

The park we go to is fully fenced so you can relax without the fear of the kids running off and actually enjoy just watching them play. Cooper & Blake are both obsessed with swings. Quite often I ending up having to drag them off to let someone else have a turn but we had the park to ourselves most of the morning. It's days like this that i'm going to miss when my big boy goes to school next year. So i'm going to take advantage of our days together before next year because I know how much i'll miss him when he goes to school and I also know how much his little brother is going to miss him also.

The boys played in the park for a while before having lunch and then we ventured back in the park for a quick play before home time. So we didn't actually make it for a swim but we were warned it was freezing in the water, so probably a good thing.

Blake was exhausted after a mammoth morning in the sun so he flaked in the car and Cooper had some nice quiet time once we got home and an early night. Nothing like wearing them out so they sleep well at night.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

My new job!!!

YAY I can finally scream it from the rooftops!!

I HAVE A NEW JOB!! *dances around living room excitedly*

This was my exciting news from a few posts ago. But I wanted to make sure it was all confirmed before I went and sprouted my mouth off.

This is my dream job. I'll be able to base myself from home and work around my kids and do the hours that suit me. And even better next year once Cooper starts school i'll be able to be there to drop him off to school and be there again when school finishes. And to be able to have the flexibility to go on excursions or go to school sports carnivals whenever I want to.

I'll be heading up Sales over at Vivid Pink - check them out here Vivid Pink Website or you can join us on Facebook here - Vivid Pink on Facebook
Vivid Pink is all things Design, Print, Web, Photography and Merchandise.

It's such a wonderful company. Started by the amazing Graphic Designer Danni who I actually went to school with. Her work is amazing and now with me in Sales we will be unstoppable hahaha!! Ok so that's going a little too far. Can you tell i'm excited ?

So if you know anyone that wants a Corporate Identity or a Website designed let me know. We even do personalised Christmas Cards or Calendars, branded merchandise and business cards.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Free for all Friday

Need some inspiration coming in to the weekend. I know I do.

It's so easy to get caught up in every day life isn't it. Stop and smell the roses and look around because you can find beauty and inspiration in everything and anything. Today I am so grateful for so many things. A wonderful family, amazing friends, healthy children and smiley faces. What more could I ask for ? Okay so maybe some nice weather for the weekend ahead.

What is everyone up to this weekend ?

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