Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My baby turns 2

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous little man Blake.

You have given me two of the happiest and most wonderous years and I love you so much. I still can't believe that was 2 years ago that you came flying in to this world kicking and screaming and full of life. You haven't changed a bit. You're growing up way too fast for my liking but at the same time i'm so proud of the little boy you're growing in too. Cooper loves having a little brother like you and your Mummy & Daddy adore your cheeky and affectionate nature.

I still can't believe you were once that little. Who would have thought something so sweet and innocent would turn in to a stubborn and independant little toddler. But I wouldn't change you for the world. You are perfect just the way you are, attitude and all.

Today it's just you and Mummy at home so I think we'll go and have your favourite lunch, Sushi Train of course. And then tomorrow night when your Daddy gets back from his work trip we'll have a cake and special dinner and then of course your birthday party on Sunday with all your friends and family. The party that Cooper has insisted be a "Wiggles" party which I know you'll love because for some reason you love those silly 4 men dressed up in colourful skivvies.

Happy Birthday my big 2 year old spunk. I can't wait to watch you grow and learn as each year passes. I'm so proud to call you my son. Being your Mummy is the BEST job in all the world.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

No words

No words for this post.
I think the picture says it all. It's been a VERY challenging week.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The simple things

I am really starting to appreciate the simple things in life. Things that 12 months ago I might have taken for granted because I wasn't open to them or I was just too busy to appreciate them. The last 12 months have been some of the hardest times of my life and i've had some really low low's but i'm actually grateful for all of it because i've learnt so much. So much about myself, about the people I surround myself with. It's made me appreciate what I do have and not worry about what I don't.

Simple things like this morning watching my boys take turns turning the handle on the Quick Chef washing strawberries. I just stopped and watched my gorgeous boys that I have created and watched them get so excited over such a simple thing. I love watching them do things, learn different things and see life through their eyes. It's so innocent and pure.

It feels amazing to be more present and in the moment. Slow down and smell the roses. Appreciate all the small things and NEVER take them for granted.

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Missing in action

It's almost been a week since my last post but I do have a decent excuse. I've been really quite sick and so has Cooper. It all started last Friday night when Cooper was complaining of a sore ear and he had the high temperature to go with it so I knew something was up. By Saturday morning he was really lethargic and ended up bringing up his breakfast so it was off to the doctors for us. We spent an hour and a half waiting to see a GP. Gotta love our health care system. But when he was finally seen he had actually started to perk up which was good. He was prescribed some antibiotics and off we went. This is only the second time he's ever need antibiotics so because his body wasn't used to it they took pretty quickly and that night he seems almost 100% because he was starting to ask for pizza and ice cream. Don't you know ice cream fixes everything Mummy ? So our grand plans for Saturday night of going down to Palm Beach to an outdoor movie were cancelled and we had a quite night in.

Come Sunday morning the 'bug' had hit me pretty hard and I was feeling lethargic myself and I started to get that tickle in my throat. I knew it wasn't good. Because i've had Tonsilitis before I knew the feeling. The fevers started Sunday afternoon and my Sunday night I was a mess. I was up half the night shaking uncontrollably and my throat was so sore it hurt to breathe at times. So thankfully I was able to get in to a doctor first thing Monday morning and yes, they confirmed. I had Tonsilitis. I was feeling very sorry for myself. I haven't had it for years and was actually due to get my tonsils out a few years back but then when my name finally came around for surgery I was pregnant with Cooper and never bothered to go back on the list because I never caught it again, until now of course. So I was popping the antibiotics like lollies and pain relief and thankfully within 48 hours I was feeling half human again. I am still not 100% but feeling miles better than 3 days ago. The AB's worked pretty quickly which was a relief.

The only up side to this sick weekend/week is that I managed to finish a book that I started a few weeks back and never got around to finishing. It's called "Half the Sky" by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn about women around the world and it's a very empowering read. I actually first heard of this book on Oprah of all places and i'm so glad that I happened to watch the show that day because to a certain extent this book has changed my life, changed the way I look at certain things. Got to love a book that can do that. Please give it a go because it's really brilliant and inspiring.

Check out their foundation for more information and also how you can help and make a difference.

Anyway here's hoping this weekend and following week coming is going to be a better one.

Goodbye sickness, hello good health.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

We have grass

We have grass!! And no not the funky kind.

The kind that my kids can finally run around on. Although not for long because now that the house is finally finished it's time to put it on the market. It has been such a long drawn out process trying to get this house finished. But it's been worth it because the place looks amazing and the selling of the house means that L and I can move on with our lives and we can finally have a direction with the kids and start working out how this co-parenting thing is going to work. We first bought this block of land back in January 2009 and it took a year for the land to settle and then the building process of course so we didn't actually end up moving in until January of this year. Trying to build a house with two kids had it's challenges that's for sure. But I think the end result speaks for itself.

Now for the pain staking task of actually getting it on the market and weekends of open homes. Running around on a Saturday morning cleaning the house with the kids probably making more mess as I go. Gosh this is going to be fun. My fingers and toes are crossed that we get a quick sale and everything goes smoothly.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My big 4 year old

I'm so proud of my gorgeous Cooper. I still cannot believe it was 4 years ago you were this small and angelic.

You were such a sweet and gorgeous little baby. So happy and content. Mummy's little angel. You loved your booby and loved your sleep. You were never a hassle and smiled and gooed at everyone that looked your way.

And now you're my big boy. My big 4 year old boy. Where have those 4 years gone ? I look at you now with such immense pride but at the same time i'm sad for the years that have gone by so quickly. But you'll always be my baby. I love that you still let me smother you in kisses and blow rasberries on your belly. I love that every single day the first thing you say to me when I wake up is "How are you feeling today Mumma" and I love that know matter how crappy a day i'm having you can make my day by handing me a compliment. "Aww I love your hair like that Mum" or "You're so pretty today Mum" He's full of compliments. You're such an affectionate and compassionate little boy for which i'm so proud.

And clever, gosh you're clever. I blame Mummy's genes for that one ;-)
You have come such a long way and you amaze me every day with the little things you come out with or the things you manage to do that totally blow me away. I love how passionate you are about writing and drawing. Just like your Mummy was.

This is the drawing that Cooper did last night of his aeroplane. You were so proud and made Mummy take about 20 photos to make sure we got the perfect one. You're also a perfectionist. Another trait that you got from me.

I love you so much my big boy. And I love being your Mumma more than anything in the world.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Go Julia!!!

Phew!!!! Massive sigh of relief from me.

I hope you come through with the goods Julia.

And that's all I have to say about that ;-)

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My newest nephew

Our family welcomed another gorgeous baby in to the world two weeks ago and i've wanted to brag about my gorgeous new nephew ever since but I wanted to wait for permission from his Mummy before I put photos of her newest baby on the world wide web.

So here he is - Fraser Gabriel Terry

He will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. He was born on Wednesday 25th August.
I still can't believe how much he's like Cooper as a baby. It's uncanny.

My brother Gabriel and his wife Vikki also have two other children. The ever so sweet Myah and the handsome little man Hamish. I'm sure they're all in love with their newest addition.

The hardest part is that I haven't even meet the little man yet. They live in Melbourne which is really hard because I just want to smother those gorgeous cheeks in kisses and smell that beautiful newborn smell. I need my fix. Good news is that they'll actually be up soon for a visit so I will get to meet my newest nephew.

Welcome Fraser to the Terry family. You're the 7th grandchild on our side of the family. I love you so much already and I cannot wait to meet you.

For more photos our the gorgeous little bubba, check out this photographers site

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Farewell Powderfinger

So it's all over. But what an amazing night and such a fantastic high to go out on. Powderfinger certainly pulled out all stops for this amazing "Sunsets" Farewell Tour. It was so bittersweet.

My girlfriends and I had an amazing night and it got even more fantastic when half way through the concert the boys walked off the stage and then suddenly about 5 minutes later the stage behind us lit up and they had moved to the back stage and we ended up being right in the front of the stage. It truly was so amazing. We were in Powderfinger heaven. A few metres from Bernard Fanning himself and of course Jon Coghill impressed us with his muscles doing the most amazing drum solo.

It was definitely worth putting up with the crazy crowd, people's body odour wafting through the air, the sore feet, my sore back from dancing way too much and then waking up yesterday morning with no voice. It was worth all of it. The atmosphere was amazing.

And of course they saved the BEST song for last which also happens to my favourite so that was just so perfect. The icing on the cake.

Now I can't share my Powderfinger concert experience without sharing some silly drunken photos of me and the girls.

Farewell Powderfinger - thanks for the memories. I wonder what my chances of getting tickets to their Riverstage concert in November would be ? After all they are playing on my actual birthday. Now that would be a 30th birthday present I would love.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello Spring

Oh how I love the 1st of September and the beginning of Spring. And boy has the Gold Coast put on a perfect day to celebrate the start of my favourite season. Although I really do love Summer, Spring is just so amazing. I love the smell of spring. The freshly cut lawns, the blooming flowers. Nothing beats spending an afternoon outside with the kids while they wade in the floaty pool or chase each other around with the hose. I love that it stays lighter just that little bit longer and we also get the most amazing sunsets in Spring. I love that it's still not too hot, the temperature is always so perfect.

Spring means lots of picnics in the backyard, afternoon bike rides, early morning breakfasts on the patio and long days spent at the beach, melting ice creams on little faces and lots of fun and adventure.

I think my obsession with Spring stems from the fact that I was born in Spring.
And in fact this Spring I will be turning the big 30.

Love is in the air in Spring. And why wouldn't it be ? Who wouldn't want to fall in love at this beautiful time of year. Lots of people get married in Spring, not sure exactly why. Maybe it's good luck. Or maybe it's as simple as the fact that the weather is usually amazing in Spring.

It's definitely time to pack away those jackets and scarfs and get out those summer dresses and sandals.

Now on that note i'm off to water my garden.
If only my garden looked liked this.

What does Spring mean to you ?

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