Friday, March 18, 2011

Something to think about

Watch your thoughts; they become words,
Watch your words; they become actions,
Watch your actions; they become habits,
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Naughty blogger

It's been far too long and I've got lots of excuses why I've been a slack blogger. None of which I'm sure you care to hear about. But basically I've been super busy with life and unfortunately my blog has been on the back burner.

Lots has happened since I last posted so here is a quick run down (excuse the bullet points but I'd be here all night if I wrote everything out in full detail)

- Cooper started prep and has taken to it like a fish to water and is loving his little class. He loves his teacher and has made some lovely friends. He is so enthusiastic and has never said that he doesn't want to go. He has even asked on the odd weekend why he can't go to school on a Saturday. It's very encouraging because I was a little worried about him starting school this year.
- We also moved house since I've last blogged. It was all very hectic as all moves usually are but apart from a few small hiccups it all went well. The boys have adjusted well to having two different houses and L and I are making it as easy on them as possible. Things are very amicable which makes it a lot easier for everyone involved. I'm slowly making our new place 'home'
- Since January my back has become increasingly worse so I've been down the road of chiropractors, physios, acupuncturists, spinal surgeons, neurosurgeons and I've had further testing including CT scans and finally an MRI which showed up the full extent of my injury which unfortunately isn't good news. So as you can imagine I've had a very painful few months with plenty of tears shed. But at least now I have some answers. It looks like I'm definitely going to need surgery which I'm not that keen on but it's gotten that bad I now see no other way. I actually went down the path of steroid injections which I had yesterday trying to possibly delay surgery as long as I can. Fingers crossed it gives me some relief. And you never know I may just experience a miracle and I might not need the surgery.
- Blake now goes to kindy three days a week and is loving it. His teacher is fantastic and loves seeing Nanna every day when she makes his lunch for him. I was supposed to start back at work once the boys started back at kindy/school which is why I booked Blake in for three days but between the move and also my back it has yet to happen which is really disappointing because I was really looking forward to it. So I guess I'll just have to see where things are after surgery with my back otherwise I might wind up studying after all.
- I just got back from a fantastic five days in Perth, Western Australia. I've never been to WA so it was very exciting for me. Although the five hour flight wasn't that exciting. It's strange flying 5 odd hours and still being in the same country. I met 5 of my nearest and best friends over there for a long weekend filled with fun, adventure and lots of late nights and laughs. I'll update with some photos soon. We stayed right on the harbor at Fremantle. It was stunning. It was so nice to see a sunset over the water. Perfect.

So I think that's it from me. I'm sure there is heaps more to tell you but I promise to be a more regular blogger from now on.

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