Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning at the beach

Spring was definitely in the air today here on the coast.

The weather was just perfect so I thought a morning at the beach was in order. My boys adore the beach which is great because I love it. I was brought up around water and to this day there is something about being near water than calms me. I feel at peace near the beach.

So I packed a picnic lunch, lots of water, towels, hats & sunscreen and we headed down to Burleigh. My sister in law and nephew Jasper met us down there and the boys had a ball. Of course silly me didn't think to re-apply sunscreen on myself so i'm now sporting a rather redish glow. Not good to get ugly strap marks the week before i'm wearing a strapless dress for Melbourne Cup lunch. Let alone the one shoulder number i'll be wearing for my 30th in a couple of weeks. Oh well, live and learn I guess. Although I never do tend to learn when it comes to getting myself burnt. Of course the boys were lathered in sunscreen and didn't get burnt at all.

The park we go to is fully fenced so you can relax without the fear of the kids running off and actually enjoy just watching them play. Cooper & Blake are both obsessed with swings. Quite often I ending up having to drag them off to let someone else have a turn but we had the park to ourselves most of the morning. It's days like this that i'm going to miss when my big boy goes to school next year. So i'm going to take advantage of our days together before next year because I know how much i'll miss him when he goes to school and I also know how much his little brother is going to miss him also.

The boys played in the park for a while before having lunch and then we ventured back in the park for a quick play before home time. So we didn't actually make it for a swim but we were warned it was freezing in the water, so probably a good thing.

Blake was exhausted after a mammoth morning in the sun so he flaked in the car and Cooper had some nice quiet time once we got home and an early night. Nothing like wearing them out so they sleep well at night.

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  1. It was a great morning for it! You wouldn't think Jasper enjoyed himself with those frowns he's sporting in the pics, lol. Thanks for the invite xo

  2. I think it's more a look of concentration LOL.


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