Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silly Season

Yes it's that time of year already and the craziness has already began. We have the busiest few weeks coming up with kids birthday parties, kindy xmas parties, kindy xmas concerts, work xmas parties, social xmas drinks, street parties and of course all the festivities that comes with Christmas like carols by candlelight and taking the kids to see Santa and all the street xmas light displays. No wonder they call it the silly season. And then of course this year is even busier with Cooper starting school next year. So we have books, uniforms, shoes and school bags to buy and organise. My head is spinning just thinking about how busy December and January are going to be.

I have already ticked one box. We have already done the Santa photo. I was a little worried about Blake because this is what last years Santa photo looked like.

So we've been slowly encouraging him the last week or so about visiting Santa and how he has to give him a big cuddle and ask him what he'd like for Christmas. And it must have worked because he didn't cry. Although he was very hesitant to begin with and just wanted to wave from a distance he came around and we actually got a really nice shot of both boys sitting on Santa's knee.

Today's task is to get out all of the Christmas decorations because Cooper has been nagging me to set up the tree ever since our neighbours decorated their house with Christmas lights on the weekend.

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  1. Jasper was the same with Santa.

  2. LOL... love the pics:-) when my kids sat on Santa when they were little they never wanted to get off the bugger hahahaha!!!


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