Thursday, August 25, 2011

Etsy love

Are you as obsessed with Etsy as I am?

It's such a fantastic site. Especially if like me you love all things hand made and you like to support Work at Home Mum's. I've spent many a hour browsing through Etsy's gorgeous array of goodies these past few months. One of the downfalls to being couch and bed ridden is you have too much time on your hands and sadly it's very easy to push a couple of buttons and the next thing you know you've got goodies been sent your way. Oops sorry my finger slipped. It's worse than eBay because you don't even have to bid.

I wanted to share a couple of my recent 'slip up's' sorry I mean purchases with you.

I recently discovered Tiges and Weince and fell in love with all of Kylie's gorgeous treasures. She's one creative Mumma. I had to stop myself from buying everything in her shop.

I couldn't help myself from buying these two lovely prints for the boys playroom. I have a slight fascination, some may say obsession with owls. They're just so darn cute. So when I saw this little cutie was available in colours other than pink I just had to have it. Plus I thought the Alphabet print would look great beside it on the wall.

Now I just need to find the perfect frame for these beauties and put them up on the wall. I'll be sure to post a photo once they're up.

The other thing which I've been searching for, for quite some time now is believe it or not a pin cushion. Gosh I sound like my Nanna!! Before my back got really bad I rediscovered my love for all things crafty and I'm even looking at getting back in to sewing. Something which I loved to do in Home Economics back in school. Anyway I pulled out my old sewing kit and of course had to buy a few new things to add to my collection. But do you think I could find a pin cushion anywhere? No!! So I thought I'd check out Etsy and I came across these adorable handmade ones at a store called Details by Des. I love Amy Butler fabric so these were just perfect. I couldn't help myself and ended up buying two. One for my darling Mum because the one she has is slightly shabby after years and years of use. Although my biggest problem is now I can't decide which one to give to Mum. Maybe I'll let her pick.

Aren't they the sweetest.

According to my Paypal account I'll have a few more Etsy purchases to share soon. Oops I slipped.



  1. I am a big Etsy fan. It blows me away to see how many amazingly talented and creative people are out there. I love your purchases. The prints are perfect for your boys rooms. I love Amy Butler fabrics too. I must pop over for a look but my finger must not slip onto the purchase button!

  2. These are lovely! Perfect for a kid's room. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  3. Hi Beck, yes i love my daily email/dose from Etsy. jane x

  4. Oh my! I so need to ban myself from etsy - love exploring there and there are always so many great finds :)

  5. I am an etsy addict... I confess... How good is it to get those 'surprises' in the post!!! X

  6. Glad to see others share my obsession.

    Tiff- Yes you know you have a problem when something arrives in the post and you can't even remember ordering it lol.


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