Sunday, August 7, 2011

One step forward. Five backwards.

One step forward, five backwards. That's how it has felt this week. I'm feeling very sorry for myself so I apologise in advance for the poor me post but I wanted to update here.

I'm back in hospital :-(

I've been in here since Tuesday and I'm slowly losing the plot. I'm in a lot of pain again and bored out of my mind. Not a pleasant combination. I'm still waiting on a MRI scan to determine what has happened to get me back to what feels like square one. Although I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it's just muscular and not anything that I've done to jeopardise the surgery. So I guess I just have to wait and hope that they do the MRI as soon as possible and that in the meantime I don't go crazy with the boredom.

I miss my boys so much. They're coming in for a visit this morning I can't wait to see them. They need their Mummy and I tell you what I need them just as much. It has been so hard to be away from them so much it's horrible.

So that's the update from me. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.



  1. Oh Rebekah - i`m so sorry. Sending positive energy across the globe to you and hoping you get good news from the MRI.

  2. Oh no, Rebecca! That's awful! Hoping the doctors can fix you soon and get you home to those beautiful boys. (((Hugs)))

  3. Hi Rebekah, I do hope things are looking up for your soon. Must be so hard being away from your kid's. Hope you are out soon xo

  4. Oh dear Rebeckah! Hope it's nothing too serious. And that you're able to get back to those gorgeous boys soon. (((Hugs)))

  5. That's terrible news, you poor thing. I hope you get it sorted out soon so you can be back on the road to recovery. Take care x

  6. Oh Beck! How awful for you! You poor thing. Be strong (I know it is easy for someone else to say). Concentrate on your gorgeous boys, and hopefully you will be home very soon. Hugs. X

  7. Oh no! Poor Beck, I feel so sorry for you I could weep :o( I can't imagine how hard this week has been on you. Whilst your boys will be in good hands I'm sure, it doesn't help when you're missing them like crazy. I'd be exactly the same. I can totally understand the boredom factor too, hospital's are supposed to be restful, but are often quite stressful as well. At least you seem to have some form of device to blog with and hopefully read other blogs too... at least it would pass the time. Thinking of you and wishing all the very best for a great result with your MRI. Big big hugs, you poor love xoxo

  8. Thanks for all the positivity girls its very much appreciated. Thankfully ive got my iPhone so im still able to read blogs to fill in the time.
    My boys were here this morning and have really lifted my spirits. Feeling a lot more positive tonight that's for sure.

  9. Oh, Beck! I'm so sorry to read this, sweetheart. I'm crossing my fingers and toes you can do the MRI quickly and find out what's up. J x


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