Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday

I've found myself looking back at lots of old photos this week. Reminiscing about when my babies were actually babies and they were so cute and innocent. Not that they aren't anymore but they're just becoming so much bigger and independent and don't rely on Mummy as much anymore. And I'll be honest it makes me sad and some days it completely freaks me out. So when I look back at their photos my heart melts from the memories but breaks a little when I realise how quickly the time flys by and I want to put the brakes on.

I remember when Cooper was so fascinated with me feeding his baby brother that he loved to try it himself. Definitely a photo that will come out for his 21st birthday party.

It really does seem like yesterday. Makes me cry just looking at these sweet baby faces.

Blake's 1st pony ride.

Another one for the 21st birthday photo board.



  1. You have some great memories there and some great bribe material ad well! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Ohhh these are so gorgeous Beck. I know exactly how you feel about having your heart break looking at old photos, it happens to me too! Even looking back 6 months when my baby was a REAL baby, makes me sad. Now he seems so much bigger and more toddler like. The time really does fly and I have to remind myself of it when I'm getting frustrated or impatient with their demanding ways... it won't be long before they won't need me quite so much and it will hurt.
    Love the photo of Cooper feeding Blake, adorable! :o) xo

  3. So adorable! Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  4. I so know what you mean, I just kissed my two sleeping marvels as they sleep. Enjoying every minute.
    Sar x


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