Friday, September 2, 2011

Grateful for Dad's!!

I'm so grateful for the lovely Dad's that I am lucky enough to have in my life.

This week I'm joining in with Emily at The Beetle Shack who's hosting this weeks Maxabella Loves Gratefulness linky.

Firstly there is this man-

My wonderful Dad who is also known as Pappy to his grandchildren. My Dad is my hero. Always has been and always will be. I just love this man. He's so full of love and even though we don't always see eye to eye nothing will ever change our amazingly close bond. Yes I'm a Daddy's girl through and through. He is also a brilliant grandfather. The boys spend hours upon hours 'helping' Pappy outside in the garden and love to take tractor rides down the back of the property to check on the pumpkins. My gosh does he love his grandkids. So attentive, patient, loving and generous with my boys and I'm just grateful for him and so proud to call him my Dad.

Then there's this man-

Also seen here with his Dad.

This is my little boys Daddy. He is their Super Hero. The man that my boys look up to and admire so much. There is no other love stronger than that which you have for your kids and the boys are so lucky to have a Dad who loves them as much as he does. Cooper is a real Daddy's boy and follows him around like a bad smell. They're the best of mates. The boys have such an amazing bond with their Dad and I'm so grateful for the relationship that they have.

A bond that he also has with his Dad seen above. Also known to the boys as Pa. The boys adore Pa and always look forward to spending time with him at the race track. A tradition that has now been passed down four generations. Pa loves to spoil Cooper & Blake with treats of ice cream, mints and lollies. My boys are very lucky.

My big brother is another Dad who I want to send love to this coming weekend. He has three gorgeous cherubs of his own now. We don't get to see much of each other as they live in Melbourne. But he's another Dad that I respect and admire. Another Dad that would do anything for his kids.

I am so grateful for all the Dad's in my life.

So to all the amazing Dad's out there I wish you a wonderful and happy Fathers Day for Sunday. I hope you get spoilt rotten and smothered in kisses and cuddles.



  1. What a lovely post Beck. Dad's really are so very important. It looks like your boys have some fabulous father figure role models in their lives, how wonderful :o) It brings me near to tears watching my boys interact with their Dada at times. There is this whole other dimension that only they share... only they know. It's a special bond that words cannot express. Something to be very grateful for. Hope you have a lovely weekend, lovely Mama :o) xo

  2. That is lovely Beck. A very sweet post.
    Enjoy the weekend. xx

  3. Wow, you do have a lot of Dad's in your life. Hope they all have a lovely day tomorrow :)

  4. I agree! I am greatful for Dads too! They are so special! x


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