Monday, September 19, 2011

Our week in photos

What a crazy week it has been. Today is the beginning of school holidays here and Queensland has put on some amazing weather for us. Cooper had his school Spring Fair on Friday. We had such a great day. We've already been for our first swim of the season. I love Spring on the Gold Coast.

Did I mention how amazing the weather has been??

Here is our week in photos.

It was 32 degrees here yesterday. Our hottest September day since 1991.



  1. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! Isn't the change in weather great?! I've just raved about it too (also took in a swim). I think we're in for a hot summer!

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  3. Oh loving the photos Beck! You're little men are WAY too cute, the spiderman face paint is really cool! Looks like such a fun week from that collection. And 32 degrees... get. OUT! That is some serious heat... though I'd rather heat than cold :o) xo

  4. Awesome shots! Love that face paint! It was hot! I was also cursing the wind yesterday... but so perfect today! We are lucky here! X

  5. Beautiful images Beck. I'm near Terrigal, nsw and it sure is hot today. That beer looks like a good idea. Have a great weekend, Katie x


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