Friday, October 14, 2011

Party weekend

I'm still in denial that my baby boy is 3. It just doesn't seem real. Blake is turning in to the sweetest little man and although he is all noise and mess he's so loving and affectionate. He adores his big brother. Following him around almost as a permanent attachment to Coopers rear end. And he is such a Mummy's boy and I love it. Cooper is very much his Daddy's boy but I can safely say that Blake is totally in love and infatuated with his Mummy and I just love it. He's forever telling me how 'pretty' and 'cute' I am. 'Oh I love your bootiful dress' he said to me this morning. Love that boy and his delicious kisses and cuddles.

He was so excited about his birthday party last weekend. He had been on the countdown to his birthday since the day after Coopers back in May. It was his first proper party with his friends from Kindy and other play mates. In previous years it's always been family and Coopers friends but he's been at his new Kindy all year and has made some lovely friends of his own. Admittedly most of which are girls. He's a ladies man just like his older brother. Gold help me in the teenage years.

The day finally arrived and boy was he excited. I felt pains of guilt because he wasn't having a big home party that I originally planned but he didn't care. Nothing was going to get this birthday boy down. He loved the idea of having all his little friends come to the playcentre. And secretly I was excited about the idea of walking away from the mess at the end.

My proper camera is out of action so you'll have to excuse the quality as most of these photos were mostly taken on my iPhone.

And I just had to share these sweet pics from his actual birthday night.

Love you so much sweet 3 year old. You're such a big boy now and yes he's already counting down to his 4th birthday next year. Argghh don't give Mumma a heart attack.



  1. Oh, how precious, Beck. You clever Mummy, creating such gorgeous memories for him. Bravo you. J x

  2. Oh how beautiful Beck, Blake is adorable and he sounds like quite the little charmer. I know exactly what you mean too, as Angus is so loving and affectionate to me. He also calls me "cute" and compliments my outfits all the time. So gorgeous :o)
    Looks like all the little poppets had a great time and don't feel bad about not having a home party. I am currently in the process of trying to decide where to have Angus' 4th birthday party in January... and for the first time I'm seriously leaning towards taking it off site. I just don't think I can do another big birthday at home... the weather stresses me out too much at that time of year... along with everything else! xo

  3. aw so cute!! and those cupcakes look great!!

  4. Happy birthday to your little man - he sounds like a beautiful boy x


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