Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photo time

A catch up on our last few weeks adventures in photos.

The weather has been amazing again lately so we've made a trip to the beach. The boys love scooter riding along the esplanade and it was the perfect day for flying the kite too. Just enough wind. We've also been down to the duck park. Enjoyed the baby animal farm at a friends birthday party. Watched a footy game and sunbathed nudey in the back yard. Lucky for you I don't have photographic evidence of that last one.

I just love Spring!!



  1. Looks like some memorable adventures there Beck. Your boys are total cuties. Love the pic of the wave about to wash over them... that is some seriously good timing to capture that! :o) xo

  2. oh looks lovely. How cute do your boys look in Magpie colours.

    You have been 'Tagged' in my 10 Things about me you don't want to know post. Now it's your turn to fess up... ...

  3. We love a good sunbathed nudie too ... well not me but the kids!
    I agree - the photo at the beach is fantastic!

  4. What lovely photos, sounds like a fun weekend.

  5. Beautiful photos- sounds like lots of fun has been had over your way!


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