Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spring cleaning

It's that time of year.
I'm one of those crazy ones that loves me a good spring clean. I started tackling some of those jobs that I've been putting off for weeks because of my back pain but I couldn't take it anymore. I had to start getting this place in order and I'm loving it. Oh and my back has held up ok too which is a great feeling. I started with the boys clothes. I've just given a massive garbage bag full of clothes to Vinnies. Next on the list is my wardrobe. I've got to be ruthless.

Yesterday I tackled my kitchen which included the pantry. Pulling everything off the shelves, wiping all my Tupperware down and gosh it felt great. Everything is now neat and organised and back in it's place. I wonder how long it will last?

Before and after - tada!!!

Next on my list is my wardrobe and then my ensuite cupboard. I'm slowly converting all my beauty products over to completely organic alternatives so there's lots of nasty chemical ridden products to get rid of.

The one job I'm not looking forward to is cleaning all the windows. I might have to pay someone to do that one for me.

What's your favourite or most loathed spring cleaning chore?



  1. Go Beck! You're doing a fantastic job. Your pantry looks great - i hope it lasts. Nice to hear from you, and glad that your dear little back is ok. Jane x

  2. I'm doing the same at the moment in preparation for the bub! Trying to figure out some fancy storage solutions to pack everything we've got into such a tiny space! Ah well....bring it on x

  3. Oh I have pantry (and tupperware) envy! I've started some spring cleaning but have tackled the kitchen yet.


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