Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello Spring

Oh how I love the 1st of September and the beginning of Spring. And boy has the Gold Coast put on a perfect day to celebrate the start of my favourite season. Although I really do love Summer, Spring is just so amazing. I love the smell of spring. The freshly cut lawns, the blooming flowers. Nothing beats spending an afternoon outside with the kids while they wade in the floaty pool or chase each other around with the hose. I love that it stays lighter just that little bit longer and we also get the most amazing sunsets in Spring. I love that it's still not too hot, the temperature is always so perfect.

Spring means lots of picnics in the backyard, afternoon bike rides, early morning breakfasts on the patio and long days spent at the beach, melting ice creams on little faces and lots of fun and adventure.

I think my obsession with Spring stems from the fact that I was born in Spring.
And in fact this Spring I will be turning the big 30.

Love is in the air in Spring. And why wouldn't it be ? Who wouldn't want to fall in love at this beautiful time of year. Lots of people get married in Spring, not sure exactly why. Maybe it's good luck. Or maybe it's as simple as the fact that the weather is usually amazing in Spring.

It's definitely time to pack away those jackets and scarfs and get out those summer dresses and sandals.

Now on that note i'm off to water my garden.
If only my garden looked liked this.

What does Spring mean to you ?

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  1. ahhhhhh yay I've just found your blog! sorry it's taken me forever but I'm getting back on track reading blogs!

    gorgeous, I love spring and the best thing about spring this year will be baby number 4!

    oh and I love flowers :)


  2. Oh YAY hey Corrie :-)
    Glad you stopped by.

    Oh and all the very best with baby number 4.
    I'm so excited for you.

    It really does seem like yesterday we were having our first little munchkins doesn't it.


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