Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My big 4 year old

I'm so proud of my gorgeous Cooper. I still cannot believe it was 4 years ago you were this small and angelic.

You were such a sweet and gorgeous little baby. So happy and content. Mummy's little angel. You loved your booby and loved your sleep. You were never a hassle and smiled and gooed at everyone that looked your way.

And now you're my big boy. My big 4 year old boy. Where have those 4 years gone ? I look at you now with such immense pride but at the same time i'm sad for the years that have gone by so quickly. But you'll always be my baby. I love that you still let me smother you in kisses and blow rasberries on your belly. I love that every single day the first thing you say to me when I wake up is "How are you feeling today Mumma" and I love that know matter how crappy a day i'm having you can make my day by handing me a compliment. "Aww I love your hair like that Mum" or "You're so pretty today Mum" He's full of compliments. You're such an affectionate and compassionate little boy for which i'm so proud.

And clever, gosh you're clever. I blame Mummy's genes for that one ;-)
You have come such a long way and you amaze me every day with the little things you come out with or the things you manage to do that totally blow me away. I love how passionate you are about writing and drawing. Just like your Mummy was.

This is the drawing that Cooper did last night of his aeroplane. You were so proud and made Mummy take about 20 photos to make sure we got the perfect one. You're also a perfectionist. Another trait that you got from me.

I love you so much my big boy. And I love being your Mumma more than anything in the world.

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