Sunday, September 5, 2010

Farewell Powderfinger

So it's all over. But what an amazing night and such a fantastic high to go out on. Powderfinger certainly pulled out all stops for this amazing "Sunsets" Farewell Tour. It was so bittersweet.

My girlfriends and I had an amazing night and it got even more fantastic when half way through the concert the boys walked off the stage and then suddenly about 5 minutes later the stage behind us lit up and they had moved to the back stage and we ended up being right in the front of the stage. It truly was so amazing. We were in Powderfinger heaven. A few metres from Bernard Fanning himself and of course Jon Coghill impressed us with his muscles doing the most amazing drum solo.

It was definitely worth putting up with the crazy crowd, people's body odour wafting through the air, the sore feet, my sore back from dancing way too much and then waking up yesterday morning with no voice. It was worth all of it. The atmosphere was amazing.

And of course they saved the BEST song for last which also happens to my favourite so that was just so perfect. The icing on the cake.

Now I can't share my Powderfinger concert experience without sharing some silly drunken photos of me and the girls.

Farewell Powderfinger - thanks for the memories. I wonder what my chances of getting tickets to their Riverstage concert in November would be ? After all they are playing on my actual birthday. Now that would be a 30th birthday present I would love.

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