Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are you ready for the school holidays ?

It's the last week of Term 2 here for my little Prep boy. I still can't believe he's almost half way through his first year of formal school. Scary stuff. This year has flown. In fact the last couple of weeks have flown too and I've been a slack blogger and haven't posted much. The days are getting shorter and colder here so by the time I get the kids in to bed of a night time I've been in bed and snoozing shortly after. It's the one place I can get comfy with my back, all snuggled up with my wheat pack and cup of tea.

So as this week goes on I've been thinking about how I'm going to keep my 5 year old amused for 2 weeks during school holidays. I've already organised a few play dates and we'll definitely be making a trip to the movies to see Cars 2. I just hope the weather is nice and we can hopefully get a few trips to the park in and maybe even a few bike rides. Although we've got plenty of craft, new books, board games and Lego to occupy us if the weather is miserable.

What have you got planned for the holidays? Are you going away or staying home?

Check out my gorgeous cowboy and his school mates. They did a country line dance in front of junior assembly. It was so adorable.

Oh and of course I have to share a photo of Blake too so he doesn't miss out. This is Blake and Kai one of the younger brothers of Coopers friend from school. I've been lucky to make some really nice friends this year and Sonja is one of them. We took the younger boys for a babycino the other day after school drop off.

They are such gorgeous boys.

Have a great week everyone!!



  1. Hey Beck, can Jasper and I join you when you go to see Cars 2?

  2. Oh Beck, those photos are so beautiful. Such sweet little boys you have.
    Sounds like you've got great plans for the holidays, I'm sure the boys will have a blast with Mama :o)
    Glad to see you post, was wondering where you were, hoping everything was ok. Good to hear you're getting lots of early nights and looking after yourself xo

  3. Gorgeous photos! I'm hoping to take Riley to see Cars too! x

  4. Your boys are gorgeous! We are already on holidays, and have started some interesting projects! My miss had us making 'beaches in a jar' before we were out of pj's yesterday! I can highly recommend them! Basically constructing a snow globe with sand, shells and glitter with water in a washed jar! What fun! Happy holidays! X

  5. Such cute photos! I can't believe school holidays are just around the corner, especially after such a long first term. I thought we would be taking it easy, but seems we only have a few spare days. I can see them flying by! gxo

  6. what a beautiful, bunch of joy you have here!!! Gorgeous boys indeed!!!
    Hope you have a fab. time with them around the house on the school holidays.
    love your cute blog ,by the way! ;)


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