Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reminiscing..... Blake's nursery

A few of my favourite bloggers have been displaying their kids nurseries and rooms lately and it got me thinking about my boys room. We are are only renting at this new place so it's been really hard to decorate their room and add my own style to the room because there isn't a lot I can do with it considering I have to work with the existing hangers in the walls and now that they're sharing a room well that brings an entirely new issue as well, space and the limited amount I have to work with. To make the transition a fun and exciting one for them I bought new beds and new linen to make it as special as possible for them. And it definitely worked as they love their new room, they love sharing the space. Now if only I could get them to sleep in there at the same time. Argghhh, that's an entirely different post for another day. So I still have a few final touches that I want to add to their room for it to be complete and I'll get some happy snaps and share it this week.

In the meantime I thought I'd share what Blake's nursery looked like when he was a tiny newborn. As soon as I found out I was having another blue bundle of joy I knew straight away that I wanted to decorate his room with a nautical theme. I love the ocean, sailing, shells, fish, birds ahh you get the drift. The sea has always had an amazing affect on me so I thought it would be great to play around with the idea for my new baby boys room. I had to make use of the dark timber cot and change table that I had originally used for Cooper's nursery so I kept the theme going with a new bookshelf in mahogany to match and added all the elements to give it a nautical theme.

I was so in love with how it had turned out I remember laying on the floor in his room heavily pregnant dreaming of being in a sailboat somewhere out to sea or walking along a beach collecting shells with my little boys.



  1. Oh how I love a nursery! They are one of life's true pleasures. I would look at Angus' nursery constantly before he was born. The colours, textures, designs... it was beautiful! You did a superb job on Blake's nursery, gorgeous pics to reflect on.
    P.S. We have sleeping issues with the 2 boys sharing a room too. I try not to get too hung up on it, as they do sleep... just not that well in the same room, at this stage. Time will change that I'm sure :o) xo

  2. Blakes nursery was gorgeous and very stylish! I remember how you weren't giving away the name you'd chosen (I think you'd told a few people), but then you posted pics on FB with the big B on the bookshelf - and everyone was racking their heads trying to work out what it was!

    The boys room looks great, even though you're renting. You always manage to put your stylish stamp wherever you are!

  3. That timber looks so fantastic with those colours! I love the nautical theme too! I think that is totally perfect for boys, and that bunting is a great touch!
    I have just made over my son's room with some navy, red and white too, except we have a bit of a road/ street theme going on as he loves anything road works or police orientated! We found an oversized road speed sign at the Hinterland Salvage in Nerang for the wall and he loves it! I will try and take some pics soon... I am not quite done! X

  4. I love the last bit of this post. You laying on the floor of the nursery with your big baby belly! What a beautiful image. It looks lovely and I'm sure he loved having so much to look at. Nice work Beck.

  5. I just love the nursery. So simple but classis. I love all the timber. This i may just have to use this to inspire ideas for our new nursery

  6. How great does the room look, and you managed to do that without changing the walls or modifying anything :) (as in it will keep your landlord happy)
    I think the seagull above the lightswitch is so cute!

    Talitha xx

  7. Thanks girls it was definitely a labour of love. Nothing beats nesting for the arrival of a newborn baby. I'll try and get pics up of the boys new shared room this week. It's a busy week here xx

  8. Lovely nursery - I really like the colours you've used. Those wall stickers are lovely, especially the seagull.


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