Monday, June 27, 2011


I just came across this and I had to share.

Like most mothers I'm forever complaining about that little pouch of leftover not so nice looking skin on my belly. My stretch marks aren't that bad as they've faded quite well over the years. But it's definitely the one part of my body that I'm more self conscious of, but at the same time I look at them as reminders of carrying my beautiful babies and just how amazing and special that experience was.

Do you loathe or love your sweet reminders that you carried a baby in your belly?



  1. I have days I loathe & then days I love it,
    Some days I feel its nice that it just sits there & doesn't move while others I really wish I was smaller.

    Today is I love it day.

  2. A fabulous post, Beck. After having 3 babies in 3.5 years, I have plenty of reminders of those pregnancies. But I cherish them as for a long time, I didn't know whether I could ever have them. J x

    PS You wouldn't believe this - the word veri was 'bellys'! Bad spelling but still...

  3. Great question Beck! I kind of feel disappointed when I see how flabby the skin is in that area now... having two 10 pound boys has definitely caused some damage.
    But in saying that, I wouldn't change it for the world and one day if I get back to the gym, I'm determined to get some shape back.

  4. I loathe it. I have reminders in my babies. For that I am grateful. I suppose it isn't going anywhere so I might as well get used to it.

    I wouldn't mind the stretch marks if the skin would just take a hike...lmao.

    L xo

  5. no,I am one of the lucky ones...Used loads of almond oil and a massage every night just to get a smooth skin after the worked in my case.any way ,i look at it these stretch marks as a beautiful sigh of a once fertile and happy time of a woman's life...

  6. So strange that I came across this post... I am currently 31 weeks with my second. After my first I had three little stretch marks that I really didn't mind. With this one, those three leftovers have expanded into quite a few across my lower abdomen (and I'm not carrying big - I put it down to diet and very dry weather in Darwin at the moment). I have been oiling and moisturising incessantly, so it truly is genetics.

    I'm really preoccupied with them at the moment. Hitherto, regardless of my weight (I am pear shaped so carry weight and pubescent-ear stretchmarks in my bum and thighs) I have always had a flat tummy comparatively. Now I know those days are behind me.

    But I keep telling myself that once the baby is born and the marks fade, I won't notice them, same as I never notice the other stretchmarks I have everywhere on my body.

    And I long ago gave up wearing hipster jeans and bikinis (OK well I never wore them!)


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