Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday session down at Byron

One of my most favourite places in the world is just over an hour away from my place. Byron Bay!! I know, so lucky hey? I just love that place. I have so many fond memories of this place. In particular with an amazing guy I was once with. Byron Bay is just such a magical place.

So when my brothers girlfriend invited me down to spend the day with her, my brother and a small group of friends I jumped at the opportunity as I hadn't been down for a long while. She wanted to celebrate her birthday with her nearest and dearest. We had the morning at the markets. I got a few goodies including a scented candle to add to my collection as well as a funky handmade handbag which I scored for a bargain price of $15. And I couldn't resist an amazing silver ring which had to come home with me too.

Then we headed to an amazing cafe called 'Treehouse on Belongil' just down the road which had a menu straight from heaven. I had the most delicious tofu burger with a satay sauce that was very close to the one my Mum makes. Everyones food was super impressive, as was the service. This gorgeous cafe had such a nice feel to it. It felt like you were in another country. Hard to explain and unfortunately I didn't take any photos so you'll just have to take my word for it or check out their website above. Either that or if you're ever down that way, definitely pay Treehouse a visit.

The day was topped off with some ice cold beers in the sun and then a lovely drive home. Mum and Dad were kind enough to take my boys for the day so they'd had a blast themselves spending quality time with Nan and Pappy having sushi for lunch and going down to the beach for some kite flying. Seems we all had a lovely Sunday.

Back to reality today and with a massive thump for me. Sometimes having some 'time off' is harder than being amongst reality, don't you agree?

If only reality included a Sunday session down in Byron every weekend.

What's your favourite thing to do on a Sunday? With or without the cherubs in tow.

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  1. Sounds like a truly divine trip. I love Byron Bay too! I have not been there for a long time but hope to go again soon. I so love an afternoon nap on a Sunday - bliss! N x

  2. Market bargains, the sea, yummy vegetarian food, kite flying - sounds the perfect Sunday. I love lazy Sundays but don`t get many of those with a 3 year old boy but wouldn`t have it any other way. Have a great week!

  3. WOW Beck! What a fabulous day trip... and all in ONE day, sounds like you made the most of it totally.
    I'd love to get to Byron one day, sounds like an idyllic getaway location.
    I often think that about time out from the regular routine, for some reason it's either harder to get back into or I feel punished for taking the time to myself. Weird isn't it!?
    Looks like I'll be in big trouble as I have 3 nights out with girlfriends in the next week... extremely rare occurrence! xo

  4. Oh yes Naomi nothing quite beats an afternoon nap on a Sunday afternoon. Bliss!

    Annabella- Yes little boys certainly don't make Sundays very lazy anymore do they?

    Julie- Oh yay for having some time out coming up, enjoy beautiful you deserve it xx

  5. Hello Beck
    a beautiful part of the world, once you get through the traffic in town. My husband and i were married on the beach at The Pass in May 2006. We try and return to 'our spot' each anniversary. a few must visit places for us... The Pass Cafe has reopened and has a nice menu. The Green Garage is fabulous for organic stuff and other 'green' living things. We had our wedding brunch at The Fig Tree restaurant out at Ewingsdale which is also very good. have a happy weekend, Jane


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