Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's test this baby

I think I may have found a way to upload photos to my blog using my trusty iPad and it didn't even take that much research. It's just a simple app called BlogPress. Why hadn't I thought about this before? I am still blown away with some of the things we can do with computers and the technology that is available to us. Now I just sound like an old fuddy duddy who's only recently discovered the humble pc. But to think I only got my first laptop 3 1/2 years ago as prior to that, the good old home computer did just fine. And to think I'm now posting on my blog via my iPad is pretty funky. I think I'm addicted to gadgets. First it was the iPhone which completely took over my life and consumed my time when I first got it, now the iPad. And don't worry I'm not rushing out to buy the latest iPad 2 just because its the latest thing. I don't think I'm that bad, or am I? And yet this year I wanted to get back to basics and simplify my life. Hmmm maybe next year? But I guess I am simplifying things because if this BlogPress really does work it's magic and posts this photo for me, well then it's pretty 'simple' isn't it?

Okay let's test this baby.

Do you like my new glasses? I thought it was about time I ditched my 10 year old wire frames which I was to embarrassed to wear and get something slightly less geeky. And yes I've changed the colour of my hair yet again. My hair has had so many changes this last year. I think it's decided to have a 3rd life crisis along with me. In fact I think I might even dedicate an entire blog post just to my hair. Well only if this magic photo thingy works.

Edited with a big woohoo. It worked. See nice and simple. The other thing I'm slightly obsessed with at the moment is editing all my photos with these cool looking filters using apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic. It's all very exciting. And to think what I'll be capable of once I get my new camera and actually go and do this photography course I'm contemplating. New career maybe?

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  1. I only got an iphone4 one month ago and it is slowly turning into an extra body part. I have hipstamatic but not instagram....what's the diff? Oh and now I have to download blogpress I guess!

    Love the hair and the glasses - you look like a Ralph Lauren model :)

  2. They're definitely addictive aren't they?
    Instagram is a very similar app only you can edit existing photos as apposed to having to take it from scratch. Make sense?

    Oh and thanks for the compliment. Ralph Lauren model huh I think I just fell off my chair laughing ;-)


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