Monday, April 18, 2011

School holidays and Easter craft

Well it's official my big boy has finished his first term of school. Holidays are here and I'm so excited to have him home. I've got so much planned and I'm really looking forward to spending lots of quality time together. I just hope the weather is nice to us. Although even if it's not I've stocked up on enough craft supplies to last weeks. Plus I have lots of Easter goodies I want to make with the boys. We have already done a few exciting things which I will be able to share with you once I either figure out how to post my personal photos from my iPad or get my laptop fixed, whichever comes first.

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For those who have a printer at home check these out

I can't wait to share our Easter craft and baking with you but I'm also after some more ideas so please feel free to share.

Blake goes to kindy tomorrow so Cooper and I are off to the movies. I'm not sure Blake would sit still enough for a movie at a cinema yet but I'm already feeling guilty that he's missing out.

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  1. Those colourful eggs are just gorgeous... Oooo I love Easter :o)
    I'm sure you'll have a most enjoyable Easter with your lovely boys!

  2. Hi Beck! Thanks for checking out my blog, what a wonderful niche you have here!

  3. I just gave you the "Versatile Blogger Award". Check out my latest post for details and congrats!


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