Monday, July 5, 2010

Precious time with my first born

Today is Sunday and I decided it was time to battle the crowds and chaos that would be the movies on a Sunday afternoon and the first weekend of school holidays. Yes i've gone completely mad. But it was all for a good cause. Cooper who is my first born and turned 4 in May has become completely mad over the latest craze to hit our shores. The Toy Story phenomenon. It's everywhere you look and because Cooper just celebrated his 4th birthday most of his presents involved his new found love. Buzz Lightyear!! To infinity and beyond. Gosh the things you find yourself saying when you're a parent. So I decided it was time for some one on one time with my biggest boy and we headed to the movies to watch Toy Story 3.

We arrived to complete chaos and unfortunately there were no more tickets available to the session we wanted to see. This was a little disappointing to say the least. Not only because this was going to be super special for Cooper but it was also really special for me because this is the first time he was going to be seeing a movie at the big screens and I didn't want to disappoint him. Thankfully he couldn't really care less so ventured down to the restaurants and play area and made the most of having to fill in a couple of hours before the next session started. We met up with some of our friends who we bumped in to and the kids had a blast playing in the playground and Cooper and I treated ourselves to sushi for lunch. Mummy and Cooper's absolute favourite food.

It was time to go and buy our tickets for the next session. We wanted to get in line early so that we didn't miss out again. So with our bags filled with lollies and Cooper's excitment building we headed in to the cinema. We actually ended up seeing the movie in 3D which made for an even more interesting afternoon. My big boy struggled to start with trying to keep the glasses on but eventually got used to it and enjoyed the movie. He was glued to the screen for an hour and a half. I've never seen this boy sit still in the same spot for that long. He licked away at his ice cream and nibbled on his lollies (which is a big treat for my kids because they don't get them very often) but not once did he remove his gorgeous big blue eyes from the screen. He was enthralled in it and I was enthralled in watching him. I get so much pleasure out of watching my kids and even more so today because it was a brand new experience.

Cooper couldn't wait to get home and tell his little brother all about this massive big TV where Buzz Lightyear and Woody popped out of the screen to say hello. Awww the things kids say.
And that was Cooper's first movie experience. And Mummy even had a tear in my eye by the end of the movie. Ssshh don't tell anyone.

Oh Cooper how I heart you precious boy!!!

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