Sunday, July 18, 2010

The terrible two's

My little man Blake is approaching that beautiful charming age of 2.

Need I say any more....

Who would have thought this darling little face

Could possibly utter the words "stop" "no" "go way" or "don't like" with such anger and frustration.

Well gone is my sweet little innocent and charming Blake. Okay so he's still charming but he has turned in to an independant, stubborn and very strong headed little man. My baby is a distant memory and I have this little person who's desperately trying to make his mark in our house and stand up to his big brother. Cooper is very affectionate with his wittle Blakey and Blake doesn't want to know about it. I couldn't possibly kiss and cuddle my big brother, that's simply not cool. I'd much rather rumble with him on the floor or steal his books and toys. Oh yes the terrible two's are definitely on their way around here and quite frankly i'd rather skip that entire stage and move straight on to 3. It's time to duck for cover.

Would you trust this face ?? Don't let this innocent look deceive you, it's all cheek on the inside.

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