Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dreams are free

For as long as I can remember i've been interested in Asian Culture. I'm not entirely sure where it even comes from. Possibly my parents fascination in the same or maybe even a past life.

My house is filled with Buddha's, Balinese furniture, artwork which I brought back from a Thailand trip, Indian fabrics, photo frames from Malaysia. The list goes on. It's all very random I know but I love anything to do with asian culture. I could practically live on nothing but Sushi.

So when I came across this amazing home my heart skipped a beat and I dreamed that some day I would have something like this. My dream has always been to have a Balinese style home. Lots of huts/chalets joined by meandering paths. My very own yoga and meditation room. A massive timber kitchen with large bi-fold windows which look out on to a gorgeous asian inspired garden.

Picture this amazing home on 20 acres somewhere in the world. A vegetable garden out the back with chooks laying fresh eggs. My children chasing a goat around the property. Fruit trees that border the fence line. A herb garden that would make Gourmet Garden jealous.

Dreams are free...... and sometimes they do actually come true.

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