Saturday, August 28, 2010

iPhone iLove

It's Saturday afternoon. One little boy is snoozing the afternoon away and the other is quietly doing puzzles. The silence is bliss. For one reason, I have a shocking headache and the other reason is that it gives me some time to spend with my new toy.

Yes I caved under the pressure and finally got on the iPhone bandwagon. So not only can I now actually get reception at my house but I can also have a phone conversation without it cutting out a million times and costing me a small fortune having to call everyone back. I've never really been in to gadgets or very good with technology in general for that matter so when my phone company offered me an iPhone last year I actually decided to go for more of a practical phone because at the time I was running a small business on my phone and needed something simple and not some silly gadget phone as I once thought. Boy was I wrong. I love gadgets now. Well my shiny new iPhone 4 anyway. I shouldn't get too carried away because let's face it I didn't even know how to use my new laptop when I first got that either. And then I thought I was really moving with the times when I got myself a Facebook account. And then there is this blog. I'm definitely moving with the times now. Maybe I should look for a job in IT. Okay yes that's probably going too far, do you think?

So yes I now know what all my friends are talking about when they discuss apps or use words like Syncing, Shazam, Angry Birds or Words with Friends. I'm also loving how wonderful my calendar is. I'll never miss another appointment ever again. Although it's definitely a time waster as I can now use my phone to chat on Messenger to my friends and family overseas whenever I want.

In fact i'm even typing this blog entry on my phone.

Technology has certainly come a long way. I can't even imagine what kind of gadgets will be available to my boys generation in another 20 years. Maybe by then the iPhone will be able to cook dinner, make beds and even put a load of washing on. Now that's the kind of phone I want!

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  1. Great post! Hubby just bought a iphone too and he loves it, he loves all technology in fact!! It so true things have changed so much in the last 15 years or so. Things will just keep on changing, who knows what we will be able to do in another 15-20yrs, but an iphone that cooks, cleans and puts the washing on - definitely cool!!!


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