Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where has the tractor gone ?

Where has the tractor gone ?
When is the tractor coming back ?
Is the tractor coming today ?
Do you think the tractor will ever come back ?
What time is the tractor coming ?

These are the kinds of things i've been listening to since Saturday morning. Do you think my boys liked the idea of having a real life sized tractor in their front yard on Friday ? It really is every little boys dream.

We're finally having our front and back landscaping finished off at the house before it goes on the market and the landscapers turned up on Friday to do our front sandstone retaining wall. Well my two little men couldn't contain themselves.

They spent most of the day like this

Desperate to get their hands on this tractor. They were so excited they were nearly bursting at the seams and when the tractor finally came to a stop later that afternoon I finally let me outside to have a close up look and kindly the operator let them both sit on it. Well that was it, they never wanted to leave. I'm sure Cooper would have been delighted if I had of let him sleep on it for the night. I pictured him sitting outside on this tractor in his sleeping bag, not wanting to let go. The boys had a blast pushing every button and touching every leaver and of course my boys being boys had just has much fun playing in the dirt and mud that the tractor had left behind.

They both had grins from ear to ear that where nearly bursting of their faces. It was such a delight to see how excited something as simple as a tractor could make them. Life really is all about the small things isn't it. I love seeing moments like this through my kids eyes.

So our 'tractor man' was supposed to finish off the wall this week but we've had horrible weather ever since. In fact it's been pouring down here. We're hoping he might make it back tomorrow to finish off. So are you the boys!

I'm really happy with how it's looking so far.

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