Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I had my first treatment of Acupuncture this morning and i'm very hopeful.
Well I have to be don't I.

I've always preferred eastern medicine over western as this is the way I was brought up. I'll always try an alternative natural therapy before I will pop a pill which I guess is why my body as responded so quickly to these pain killers because it's just not used to something so foreign. In saying that they're making me very nauseas and I hate the way they make me feel but I know right now they're the only way i'm getting through the day. My concern is that I don't want to spend the rest of my days relying on pain killers which is why I have to get on top of this pain and find a way to manage it because let's face it i'm always going to have lower back issues because my discs are so damaged.

I feel fantastic after my first session so I definitely have high hopes. I actually fell asleep during my treatment, it was so relaxing. They definitely must have realigned my Chi. I really do sound like a pro now don't I. Not convinced ? Well are you feeling a bit down? Maybe your 'chakras' need realigning or your posture changed ? I was reading something recently about how important the health of your spine is in relation to your general health and wellbeing. Something that the wise old china man Kelvin Xu (my accupuncturist) said today really resonated with me. That you are your own best doctor. Nobody knows your body like you do. It really is so true.

I just wanted to finish off this blog entry with something else I read recently from Roger Moore who is a well-known holistic/intuitive therapist who works in this amazing retreat in Phuket, Thailand. Another good reason to go back to Thailand.

"Most health problems arise from not taking care of simple things such as posture. Poor posture cuts off energy. A lot of people don't know how to move correctly and this affects their chi energy flow in their whole body. And it's important that people realise and make changes. Taking care of your health is something you have to work at with ongoing effort. I can show each person how to do this for the rest of their lives."

Definitely some good food for thought. Considering everything i'm going through in my life at the moment this is something good and positive to focus on.

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  1. Are there any studies on whether acupuncture works or not?

  2. Interesting question, for which unfortunately I don't have the answer.
    I know it has worked for me in the past. I used acupuncture with both of my pregnancies. My first son was posterior and I had acupuncture to turn him which was very successful and then again with my 2nd bubba to prepare my body for birth and for some induction which also worked.
    I am hopeful!!


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