Friday, May 20, 2011

Buttons, oh how I love thee

These beauties are going to finish off a project I started almost a month ago. Something I'm making for my gorgeous nephew for his birthday. Note- his birthday was in April. I'm the worst aunty in the world :-( I guess life has been a little out of whack lately but still, no excuses. So I'm not sure if you read my blog Vik but I promise Hamish's present will be in the post next week.

The worst part is that we promised each other we'd be better this year with presents and I've failed epically already, oops!

I suck at keeping new years resolutions.

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  1. I'm such a collector that buttons are actually something that I avoid... I just know I won't be able to stop acquiring them!!! So, I'll stick with fabrics and ribbons and cards and... ah, you know how it is! x

    PS - 'Hi!' x

  2. Well hi there!

    I'm a collector too, it's a shocking trait isn't it. I'll share my button collection in a blog post soon just for you ;-). I also collect cards, ribbon, stamps oh and I've just caught the fabric bug after my sister in law introduced me to Hawthorne threads so I fear I may soon be a fabric collector with you ;-)

  3. I'm a button lover too, but I don't collect them... other than the stash I hold onto that seem to come with each and every shirt, pants or jacket I buy! hah! But the buttons in your pic are gorgeous. I'm sure you're little nephew is going to love his pressie :o)

  4. Oh yes Julie I have both my own little collection plus the extras you get with the clothing lol. I think I have a problem ;-)


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