Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

To all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, Step-mothers, Mothers in law, Mothers to be and even Foster Mothers out there. I hope you all had an amazing day. I hope you get appreciated and loved every day not just today. I hope you took some time today to look around and be grateful for what you have. Being a mother really is the BEST job in the world and we really are so very lucky and privileged to be able call ourselves Mum.

I got spoilt with a beautiful cooked breakfast from my boys and their Dad, including my favourite hot croissants with jam. I got showered with gifts including some awesome flannelette pjs, slippers and an eye mask for my upcoming hospital stay. My ex always was a very practical gift buyer. But I'm very grateful for the effort. Cooper was so excited to give me his gift he picked at the schools Mothers Day stall earlier in the week. Some lovely soap with a face washer and get this - a temporary tattoo that says 'because I'm your Mum that's why' I thought that was hilarious. But my favourite gifts were the handmade ones the boys had made at school and kindy. Blake had made me a lovely card which came with a keyring with his photo inside which I'll treasure forever and Cooper also made me a lovely card with this lovely portrait of his Mummy. He was so proud. I was so proud.

Gosh I love these two sweet little men of mine. I'm one lucky Mumma.

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  1. Awww gorgeous post Beck! Sounds like you were sufficiently spoilt... and so you should be!
    Love the portrait of you... you're looking a bit shocked, but quite glam, with the hair all boofed up ;o) So cute!
    The hand made stuff is always the best. Happy Mother's Day xo

  2. Bec, I love the sentiment expressed in this post...exactly how I felt yesterday. My eldest poured me a messy bowl of cereal, my twins presented me with a hand-painted mug, I got extra cuddles and kisses, told I was beautiful and they all promised not to argue all day...AND they delivered!

    The extra love and connection I felt to all of them=priceless.

    PS - Hope you are feelin aok today.




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