Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nothing like some pampering to brighten your week

I have just had one of those weeks. You know the ones where it doesn't seem like anything is going your way. Well apart from it being my darling Cooper's birthday this week.

It all started on Monday when I woke up feeling off and Cooper wasn't himself either so he had his first 'sickie' from school. We had a lazy home day and all the things I wanted to get done didn't happen. By that afternoon my iPhone had died and I ended up in the Apple shop praying that I hadn't lost all my data. Yes I was a very naughty girl and hadn't backed up in months. So I lost over 800 photos, hundreds of contacts plus over a months worth of calendar entries so all my appointments that I've got coming up. But I guess on the plus side the nice young guy from Apple who should have charged me the $250 for a replacement phone must have been having a good day because he replaced it at no charge. Gotta love that! Moral of the story never let your 'sick' child play with your phone whilst trying go make cupcakes.

Then on Tuesday I woke in a lot of pain, well a worse pain than usual so those 24 cupcakes that I was supposed to decorate didn't happen and I had to cheat and I did a mercy dash to buy some. I changed the fondant flowers over to some tractor toppers and the kids still loved them at school. But I was just so disappointed that I couldn't do the ones I'd planned but I'll do them for his party on Saturday.

So it was a massive relief to realise my hair appointment was for today. I love my few hours at the hairdressers every 6 weeks. It's my one treat to myself and I always have the best time. Only today was my gorgeous hairdressers last day as she's heading back to Melbourne to live. Mind you the other two girls, one being the owner of the salon are equally as good. But I'll miss Jade. She always made my hairdressing appointments so much fun with her funny stories and bubbly personality. My last hairdresser left last year to go back to Sweden so I've had a bad run of luck. I've told the owner April to make sure she finds someone who isn't going anywhere this time. So today I enjoyed 3 hours of pampering, sipping on tea, reading some trashy magazines and having a good gossip with my girls.

And I got the guts up to go even shorter with my cut. What do you think? That's me in the grey, second from left hahaha!!

So what's your pamper time? Do you take time out for yourself? A monthly pedicure, a massage or are you like me and treat yourself to a haircut now and then?

Today certainly brightened up my week.

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  1. What a massive bummer about your photos! I really should upload the rest of mine. I am terrible at pampering myself. I don't remember the last time I had a massage or even a trip to the hairdresser. There's always something else that needs my money! I did manage to buy a face mask last week so that was nice. :)
    Ps your hair looks great!

  2. I always find a trip to the hairdressers makes me feel better. Sadly, I don't do it near enough. I had a wash and blow dry a few weeks back, so my hair was nice and fancy for a party I was going to. My latest hairdresser (like yourself I have had more hairdressers than you can poke a stick at) gives the BEST head massages ever! So while Angus was at preschool, Felix slept in the pram and I had an hour of relaxation. Bliss!
    Your new do looks hot! Very sleek and stylish Beck :o)
    Sorry to hear you've had an off week... I had an off day today and it's not much fun xo


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