Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some of my new favourite things

It's wet and miserable here today but nothing is going to dampen my mood today. It's a good day. Considering how bad my pain has been these last few months I've actually had a really good week. I've been more active this week than I have been for months. I even managed to squeeze in an Ikea trip in to search for some frames. I had no luck with the frames but I met a girlfriend whom I haven't seen in ages up there so it wasn't a wasted trip. Plus I also bought some much needed storage containers as I'm in desperate need of better storage. Going from a 30sq home to this rather modest villa hasn't been easy to adjust to for quite a few reasons. One being I have no storage, it's shocking. So I'm having to get creative. More on that another day.

So being pretty much house bound and some days bed ridden I've spent way too much time online and way too much money indulging in online shopping.

I have found much comfort in Etsy these last few months but my poor bank balance isn't enjoying the shopping as much as I am that's for sure.

I love anything handmade and I'd much rather support a WAHM or small business over the multinational companies any day. Don't you love how I'm justifying my purchases.

Although I am a sucker for handmade goodies. There's just something so much nicer about them don't you think?

So check out some of my latest goodies.

These gorgeous 'Damask' pillowcases from Pillowmio on Etsy I just had to have. Not just because they've got the damask pattern but also because they go so well with my new bedroom. I'm turning my room in to a sanctuary just for me. I'll share some pictures once I'm all done. But please check out their Etsy store because she does some lovely pillowcases for very reasonable prices.

I also fell in love with this gorgeous iPad cover from Seaside Sew isn't it lovely. Are you detecting a theme? I really am obsessed aren't I ? Maybe I need to see someone about it because I don't think it's healthy. You wait and see the fabric I've got coming from the US. Then you really will worry. Hi my name is Rebekah and I'm addicted to Damask. Check out all the cool iPhone and iPad covers on her Etsy store. So.... much nicer than the cheap plastic ones you can get in the shops. See handmade is so much nicer. Also an as an added bonus for my lovely readers Natalie is offering 10% off any purchases from her store. How nice is that? Simply use the discount code 'PROMO10' on checkout. Thanks Natalie. I think your work speaks for itself.

Now this I just love. When I came across this clever Brisbane designers work I fell in love. And especially with this piece as I sing this song to my boys every night at bedtime so I wanted to frame it for their playroom or maybe bedroom. I still haven't found the perfect frame but I'll be sure to update with photos once it's on the wall and framed. Check out Kathy's store on Etsy here - Kathy Panton. Isn't her stuff gorgeous. I really want the elephant oh and the bird. I have a real thing for birds at the moment. Hence the new blog design.

Now these beauties I didn't actually discover on Etsy. A friend of mine posted a photo of her wearing one of these stunning headbands on Facebook and that's how I discovered Glasshouse Designs. Her jewellery is just beautiful and I have a real thing for pretty but different headbands. The problem is I now want one in every colour. And how gorgeous are these earrings. They're great if you want to add a pop of colour to an outfit. I've had plenty of compliments already. You might need to send me some business cards to hand out Annie because people just love them. I also bought my goddaughter some lovely little Bobby pin clips but I forgot to get a photo of them before I gave them to her. Annie also has a Facebook page . But I am warning you it's a very tempting shop.

And of course I needed a cute little jewellery box to store my new earrings in so when I heard one of my favourite stores were having a sale I scored myself a bargain at Tree of Life. I think this beauty set me back all of $4.00. Isn't it lovely. It looks great with all my other trinkets I've collected over the years in the buffet on my bedroom. I love how feminine and girly my room is now that I'm living on my own.

So make sure you check out these awesome stores and support WAHM's.
Tell them Beck sent you ;-)

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  1. Hi beck...Just popping by to say Hi and how much I love your taste! Girly elegance with a punch of colour. I think we would get along fabulously :)

    On a more personal note - I hope your back gets better soon. That must seriously suck some days. Keep shining :)

  2. You have been on a shopping spree. Etsy is dangerous for the bank account isn't it.

    I hope you get some relief from your back pain soon. I think I remember reading that you are to have surgery soon??? Is that correct??

  3. Hi Beck.. thanks for the lovely feedback/writeup on my handmade jewellery biz... It is so hard to stop looking at ETSY... I am addicted!

  4. What a beautiful post Beck, chock-a-block full of gorgeous little things, love it! You are SO doing your bit for Ma & Pa sellers, don't ever forget that when you're worried about the bank balance ;o)
    Cushions, Ipad cover and print for the boys are my faves, but they're all lovely.
    Your room sounds like a perfect sanctuary indeed, there is alot to be said for having your own space :o)
    Can't wait to see some more pics soon xo

  5. Thanks for your thoughts about my back. I definitely think I'm on to the right combination of pain treatment finally so I've actually been a lot better than I was.

    Yes I need surgery. I'm hoping it will be this year. Hopefully I'll know when I have my appointment at the hospital on 1st June. Fingers crossed.

    And yes Etsy is evil ;-)

  6. Thanks Rebekah for posting about my You Are My Sunshine Print, and i hope you start feeling better soon! Nothing like online retail therapy to help soothe things lol

  7. I sing you are my sunshine to my kids every night too - have done since they were babies. You do realise I am going to have to buy some of those earrings and a headband now! xx

  8. Lol Jules I've got you addicted to headbands now don't I ?
    It's the same headband that Erin wore in her recent photoshoot, they're so sweet.


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