Friday, May 6, 2011

This week i'm grateful for....

After a pretty challenging week I thought this was just what I needed. Something positive to focus on so join me over at Maxabella loves and tell us what you're truly grateful for.

This week I'm grateful for quite a few things.

An amazing friend who knew I was having a tough week so made me and the boys a big tray of delicious pasta bake and dropped it over. I hope she realises how grateful I am for that. I'll be freezing it in batches for the nights that my back is really bad and making dinner is a struggle.

I'm grateful for some wonderful friends I've made through Cooper's school who on days when its hard to walk, bring Cooper down to the car for me at school pick up.

I'm grateful for my trusty wheat pack that never let's me down.

My awesome parents who have given me so much support over these last few months and my gorgeous Mum who always knows the right thing to say.

My sweet little cherubs who are so very worried about their Mumma and are forever asking me how my back is and smothering me in sloppy kisses and cuddles.

I'm also grateful for Etsy although I'm sure my bank account isn't. I'll be sharing some of my gorgeous Etsy buys over the weekend. That's the problem with spending too much time bed bound. You have too much time to be tempted by all these goodies online. My finger slipped and I accidentally purchased something else.

What are you grateful for?

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  1. Very sweet. Sorry to read about your back. Looking after yourself can be hard sometimes. Your boys are gorgeous. Enjoy your etsy little accidents and happy mother's day to you.


  2. Ah, I LOVE when people do something practical like bring over food. It's one less thing to worry about. A good friend there. My friend, Jen made me two meals after the birth of my 3rd son and I loved that more than any other gift I received at the time!

    Hope next week is better for you.

  3. Awww this post is just pure love. So nice to read. I'm glad you've got a wonderful support network helping you out... and I'm sure they get a great kick out of being there for you too! Have a lovely Mother's Day Beck :o) xo

  4. Hope your back gets better soon, its the one thing i kinda took for granted till i hurt it now i am careful not to upset it again, glad you have support around you, Happy Mothers Day for sunday.

  5. Thanks girls it has certainly been a tough week but I'm so looking forward to relaxing and being spoilt by my two little men tomorrow.

    Happy Mothers Day to you too xx

  6. yes love and support are very important. looking forward to seeing your etsy finds.

  7. That Etsy's an evil place, lol.

    I'm sorry about your back. I'm going through much the same, so I can empathise. It's so lovely that you're getting help.

    Sounds like you're raising some caring, sweet babies there!

  8. Sounds like you have a lovely family full of love! Gosh funny to have come across your blog tonight, my husband bought me home the most beautiful potted orchid plant as an early Mothers Day present. I've always been in love with them, my grandmother always had a shadehouse full of them when I was a little girl, so I'm so excited to have my very own one now :-) Hope your back is feeling better soon, Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow xx


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