Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday tomorrow

Nothing beats a lazy Sunday, don't you think?

I am so looking forward to relaxing and pottering around my place tomorrow.
I've had a busy day which started really lovely as I got to chat with my closest friend who happens to live thousands of miles away in the US. It totally sucks because I wish he was closer. But I always leave our conversations feeling uplifted, positive, beaming with a smile and feeling so much better about myself. It's just awesome. Awwww melt, pity he's so far away :-(
Then I had a bowling birthday party with Cooper for one of his school friends. It was actually at the same place we're having Cooper's party next weekend.
Then I finished off the day spending some time with good friends for my girlfriends birthday BBQ. I was supposed to meet a few friends out for drinks later but I had to bail on them because my back was just too sore. Story of my life. But I'm actually enjoying being home snugged up in my winter pj's and cup of tea in hand. Now I sound like a Nanna don't I ? The boys are at their Dads so I'm taking full advantage of some quiet alone time.

So my lazy Sunday plan is to get up early and head to the markets for some fresh fruit and veggies and hopefully some fresh flowers. I love nothing more than having fresh flowers in the house. In fact my dream man would buy me fresh flowers every week, now wouldn't that be nice? I love orchids as I'm sure you've already read but I'm also very partial to lillies, frangipanis, tulips oh and of course peonies. The romantic inside me in drawn to Peonies. I think they're so pretty, feminine and romantic. I wonder if I can find any like this tomorrow?

Aren't they stunning. They just scream romance.

So I'm going to stock my fridge with fruit and veggies for the week and hopefully fill my house with fresh flowers then it's potter time. I want to organise my ensuite as I paid a visit to Ikea and Howards Storage World during the week and I've finally found the solutions to my storage problem in the ensuite. I might even take photos and blog about it haha! I also want to tackle my kitchen bench with the goodies I found at Kikki K, boy do I love that shop. That's been the biggest problem going from a 30 square home to a small villa, storage. I have none and I'm a little bit of an organisational nazi and I like everything to have it's place. So my bills and the piles of paperwork that comes home from school and kindy will finally have a home. I really do miss my study.

So that's my plan for tomorrow. Oh plus I need to finish off my nephews birthday present and if I have time make a start on those two dozen cupcakes I have to make to take to school on Tuesday for Cooper's birthday.

Actually it doesn't like a lazy Sunday at all but I'm really looking forward to it. I love pottering around my new place. Making it my own.

What are your plans for Sunday?

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  1. Sounds like a most productive plan for your Sunday. I also LOVE Kikki K, but do try to resist getting carried away in there... they have the nicest pens... pretty designs and they write beautifully.
    Hope you enjoy your busy Sunday immensely Beck xo

  2. Hi Beck, Myer are having a sale on the Scanpan set I purchased. $299, down from $519! Good savings. Thought I'd reply here, as that way I know you've received the message :o)

  3. Thanks Julie I thought it might have been Myer xx

  4. Hi there :D New follower here :D We had a lazy one just eating breadrolls in the garden xoxo
    Luv Amanda from Amanda's Mummy Jeans

  5. Hi Amanda and welcome.
    I'm off to check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  6. I love peonies. They are in bloom here right now. Just gorgeous and they smell wonderful. One of my favorites as well!

  7. hi there-thanks for stopping by :)
    happy birthday to your son!


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