Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I thought I'd buy myself a birthday treat. After all I'm the one who pushed him out 5 years ago!

Wordless Wednesday, play along over at Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love

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  1. and so you should :)
    gorgeous flowers.

  2. Beautiful! Just popped over from Faith, Hope..... and now following! x

  3. Your birthday treat is beautiful, Rebakeah! I just came home and bought myself a bouquet of baby breath, let's say a wordless Wednesday present ;)
    Enjoy your evening o xx o

  4. Nice work, I'm all for the self bought treat too ;o) Beautiful flowers!
    P.S. My Mr3 eats a little bit of the risotto... but he's not a huge fan. Bubs hasn't tried it yet as he's a bit young. It's definitely more a dish for hubby and I at this stage :o)

  5. Much deserved, and happy birthday to your son!


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