Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Blues

Monday Blues!

Do you get them? I don't normally because it usually means the beginning of a new week, a fresh start. It's usually D Day for me to start that new diet or pledge to be more organised this week, meal plan for the rest of the week, make phone calls that I need to make. Mondays are usually okay in my books.

Just not today. I have a severe case of Monday Blues. It's actually a public holiday here in Queensland which I would normally take full advantage of and go and do something fun with the boys but not today. Yes I'm feeling very sorry for myself. The boys are with their Dad and I'm bed ridden in so much pain. My back is just getting worse as the days go on and my frustration and anxiety increases with the pain. It's such a beautiful day outside too. Just to make me feel even better about being cooped up inside. Thankfully I have my trusty heat pack, pain killers and the boys Easter egg stash to get me by. Ssshh don't tell the boys.

But you know what as I have said throughout this past year there is always someone worse off. Two of my friends lost their fathers this past week. One to cancer and the other had a heart attack. So I really shouldn't be complaining at all.

But for now I'm allowing myself to feel blue but I promise tomorrow I'll be back to my bubbly self. Well maybe not quite bubbly but at least I'll be less blue and more coral.

In my search for all things blue I came across this awesome blue front door. I want one.

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  1. Oh poor Beck. I am feeling your shade today also :o(
    Both boys sick, 3 nights of virtually no sleep AND a decidedly grey, miserable, sad looking day outside. We've all got cabin fever from being stuck indoors so much this past week. Oh dear, I'm not doing much to cheer you up!
    Hope you feel much better about it all tomorrow and look forward to seeing the coral back in you also :o) xo

  2. Sometimes I think it's good for the soul to allow yourself to feel blue.
    In saying that though, I hope you get better soon!
    Ps - Yes the blue door is fantastic. Now I want one too dammit.

  3. I'm soo glad you found my blog, it's led me to yours! I don't want to sound corny but we have allot in common. Looking forward to connecting with another like minded person!


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